WiFi Signal Strength Explorer 1.9

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WiFi Wireless Signal Strength Explorer (was WiFi Signal Strength Status) allows you to see wireless signal strength right on the menu bar. See the status of your wifi signal strength right from the menu bar. This utility adds network name, signal strength with “neat icon”, “percentage” on the menu bar. It also which lets you know the strength of the signal and other stats like your IP address, mac address, other available networks, open or secured, channels, BSSID, RSSI, noise, transmit rate, PHY, interface mode, security type, etc. So, never settle for low performing wireless signals with Wi-Fi status app.


See the strength, IP address, and speed of the connected network via wireless signalGet the public and local IP address of your computerConnected wireless network name(optional)Get strength of other available networksJoin any available network with higher signal strengthGet complete details of other detected network with channel detialsRetina display-enabled valuesCopy IP / MAC address from the menuSet refresh rate of signal strength valueTransmit rate of connected Wi-Fi networkSee your local and public IP addresses