Renamer 6.0.1

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Renamer is a powerful, feature-rich batch-file renamer that makes renaming many files quick and easy. If you ever had to rename hundreds or thousands of files file by hand and thought “there must be an easier way”, then Renamer is for you. With Renamer, you can save hours of tedious typing at the stroke of a button.


Beautiful, easy-to-use user interfaceBlazing fast file renamingRenders the dull and tedious job of renaming files effortless and fun Use casesNumber files sequentiallyFind and replace textConvert filenames to upper and lower caseChange file extensionsOrganize songs by album, title and artistInsert music track numbersAdd folder namesAdd a file’s created date and timeInsert EXIF and GPS tags into photosInsert image width and heightMatch and substitute regular expressionsRemove file extensionsInsert text at character positionOverwrite text at character positionRemove text in character position rangeRemove `IMG_` text from photosNumber files randomly RenamerletsSave frequently used rename tasksOrganize conveniently into groupsShips with many built-in renamerlets to get you started quickly ChainsBuild file renamers tailored to your needsMix-and-match built-in rename actions with simple drag-and-dropMakes assembling even the most complex file renaming tasks a breeze Live feedbackPreview how files will be renamedGreat for fine-tuningHelps catch errors early Data protectionSmart undo to easily fix mistakesFile backup to protect against accidental data lossRename with the peace of mind that your data is safe