Game Stew’s First-Person Dungeon Crawler ‘Castle of White Night’ Launches April 16th and is Up for Pre-Order Now

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Game Stew has developed quite a following over the years by creating games that center around a tried-and-true gameplay mechanic, adding in lots of story bits and RPG-lite elements, and wrapping the whole thing up in something that feels authentically retro, like graphing calculator or handheld LCD games retro. Their Tower of Fortune series did that with slot machine mechanics, The Lost Shield used brick-breaking, Dungeon of Madness used pipe-fitting path-making, and Adventure Pinball used, well, pinball. The list goes on and on, but for their latest release it doesn’t really look like Game Stew is focusing on any one gimmick and instead is going for an homage to classic first-person dungeon crawlers like Eye of the Beholder. This new game is titled Castle of White Night, and you can see it in action in the following trailer.

As the story goes, you’ll need to defeat 100 twisted souls using a blend of survival and RPG gameplay to rid the curse on the Castle. During your adventure you’ll play through 5 expansive labyrinths filled with more than 50 different types of enemies which you’ll battle in real-time combat. There are 4 unique character classes to choose from, 40 different treasures to collect, and it sounds like there’s even an element of crafting using materials you collect during play. Basically I LOVE first-person dungeon crawlers and I LOVE Game Stew games, so I’m obviously very excited for the arrival of Castle of White Night. If you’re the pre-ordering type you can do so on the App Store right now at a price of $2.99, otherwise look for this one when it launches on April 16th.