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RIP in Pepperoni Galaxy Fold – The TouchArcade Show #397

The Galaxy Fold soap opera comes to an exciting (and weirdly fast) conclusion this week, and we kick off the podcast by talking about Samsung’s decision to abruptly suspend the launch of the device indefinitely. We keep up the cell phone chatter in discussing what’s going to happen with 5G data plans per some comments […]

Plane Throat – The TouchArcade Show #378

We’re back in action after a brief holiday break last week to bring you another rockin’ episode of The TouchArcade Show. I’ve come down with a wicked case of plane throat, which is what we’re calling the mysterious illness I have some flying on an airplane until it manifests itself into something more interesting like… […]

Apple Rants and Blizzcon – The TouchArcade Show #375

This week’s podcast was a ton of fun to record as Jared and I just unloaded the Apple keynote this week- Both on the absurd claims they were making on the iPad as the best gaming device as well as the unbelievable pricing for storage upgrades across Macs these days. From there, we pivot into […]