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Best of PAX Unplugged 2018

There was too much happening at PAX this year. From what I heard from many veterans of last year’s Unplugged, the size of the convention just about doubled in size and it is very obvious why. Not only is the board game business booming, gamers are realizing that many experiences that have been digital only […]

Pax Unplugged 2018: When Should You Make a Digital Board Game

While video games continue to have a bit of an identity crisis between lower Kickstarter completion rates or the ever shifting user base (or the “who is a real gamer” debacle), board games have evolved to sit quite comfortably in their own niche, not making a lot of outward noise, and raking in the money […]

PAX Unplugged 2018: The Competitive Card Game Market is about to Get More Competitive

Card games that centralize a head to head online experience have carved out a niche in the iOS marketplace and have spawned a number of copy cat apps, but we got a chance to see some real contenders at Pax Unplugged this year that not only have promise, but a pedigree that really shows a […]