Category: Monitor

Infinity Dashboard 1.4.9

Infinity Dashboard lets you track anything through its wonderfully organized interface. With over 35 integrated modules, you can monitor things ranging from the current climate, travel times, statistics website, stock prices, birthdays and more. You can even write your own custom modules to track just about anything you want. Having all data points tracked and […]

Digital Sentry 1.4.6 – Monitor your system to avoid unauthorized access and theft.

Digital Sentry monitors your system for specific events, and then can perform a vast array of unique actions in response. Use it to automatically cleanse Internet history when closing a browser, automate redundant computer tasks, perform covert surveillance, or even protect your sensitive data during unauthorized access or theft! Watch for such system events as waking […]

iStatistica 4.5.1 – Advanced system monitor.

iStatistica is an advanced system monitor. It includes a Notification-Center widget and status-bar menu. Simply slide out Notification Center to keep an eye on your CPU, memory, disk usage, and network activity. Features System monitoring uptime memory pressure CPU usage disk usage Battery information uptime cycles health capacity Network activity network map external WAN IP […]

iStat Menus 6.30 – Monitor your system right from the menubar.

iStat Menus lets you monitor your system right from the menubar. Included are 8 menu extras that let you monitor every aspect of your system. Features CPU — Monitor cpu usage. 7 display modes, multiple core support. Memory — Monitor memory usage. 4 display modes, page ins/outs and swap usage display. Disks — Monitor disk usage and activity. 6 […]