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The Garbage Pail Kids are Getting a Mobile Game

On its surface, this story isn’t that interesting as if I had a dollar for every time we heard that some obscure IP you probably don’t remember is getting a mobile tie-in we wouldn’t need Patreon. However, the Garbage Pail Kids is one hell of an IP, and defined a large part of the childhood […]

iExplorer 4.2.6 – View and transfer files on your iOS device.

iExplorer is an iPhone browser for Mac lets you view the files on your iOS device. By using a drag and drop interface, you can quickly copy files and folders between your Mac and your iPhone or iTouch. It works with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones and works quickly with a standard USB cable. Features: […]

BlueHarvest 7.1.2 – Disable DS_Store creation and more.

BlueHarvest is an exterminator for your Mac’s unnecessary Desktop Service Store (DS_Store) and resource fork (_AppleDouble) files. Whether you manage a version control system or just want to maximize your available memory, DS_Store and _AppleDouble files are a nuisance. Get BlueHarvest, and give those superfluous files the boot. A clean Mac is a happy Mac […]

Flux 7.1.11 – Advanced Web-design tool.

Flux is an advanced XHTML and CSS Web design software. You can do Web 2.0, AJAX, and most other buzzword-compliant things. Flux has the following features: Drag-and-drop design of Web pages, you can do almost anything without touching or even seeing XHTML/CSS . But you can meddle with the code if you want. Apply cool […]

TextMate 2.0.rc.13 – Code/markup editor with many features.

TextMate is a versatile plain text editor with a unique and innovative feature set which caused it to win an Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X Developer Tool in August 2006. A rapidly growing community have created modes for more than a hundred different “modes” including support for all major programming languages, writing […]

SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Nintendo Direct Announced, ‘Save me Mr Tako’ Impressions & the Game of the Day

Welcome to your SwitchArcade Roundup for October 30th, 2018. A new day brings new news, releases (a whole slew of ’em!), sales, and more to the SwitchArcade Roundup. Let your Pat Sajak fan club president Phil guide you on this journey through all of the Switch coverage you need for the day. Not only is […]