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Disk Graph 2.1.12

Disk Graph is a tool that allows you to inspect your disk and easily find the files that take away most of your disk space. With its beautiful interface and its pie-like graph, locating big files has never been easier. Features: Any directory reachable in the Finder (i.e. on your local machine, on an external drive […]

Disk Xray

Disk Xray is a disk-usage statistics viewer, duplicate files and folders finder and cleanup tool for OS X. It performs three fundamental functions, and it performs them extremely well. It also provides you maximum security, restoring all files if you removed something accidentally. Features Folder Scanner – Folder scanner is a visual disk/folder analyser that enables you […]

ClearDisk 2.10 – Remove unnecessary system files which clog up the disk space.

ClearDisk lets you get rid of unnecessary files quickly and efficiently because it searches for them in those places where they congregate. Language Resources: ClearDisk will remove unnecessary language resources from OS X and enable you to reclaim several hundred megabytes of disk space. Downloads: ClearDisk helps to clean up the huge space which is being […]