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New Apple Arcade Game Releases: ‘Discolored’, ‘Guildlings’, ‘Marble It Up: Mayhem!’, ‘Sociable Soccer’, ‘UFO on Tape: First Contact’ and ‘Takeshi and Hiroshi’

As expected of Apple on a Friday in a post Apple Arcade world, Apple just brought in new games for active subscribers. Apple has been consistently bringing in about 4 or 5 new games each week for subscribers and it has been great playing something new each week. This week, Apple has brought in some […]

Cooperative 2-Player Mode Coming to Konami’s ‘Frogger in Toy Town’ on Apple Arcade

You know, I feel like people got off on the wrong foot with Frogger in Toy Town (). In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the ideal game to kick off the first ever demo of Apple Arcade games during the big Apple Keynote event back in September, and because of that very awkward onstage demo the […]