Month: October 2018


AMNESIA THE DARK DESCENT PC ESPAÑOL Descargar Amnesia The Dark Descent PC Español;es un juego survival horror con una ambientación tétrica y oscura, donde el jugador se sumergirá en una experiencia misteriosa y angustiante. Amnesia es considerado, de hecho, un juego que marcó las normas del terror y su nueva popularidad en los juegos modernos. […]

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P.T SILENT HILL Descargar PT SILENT HILL PC; De la mente de Hideo Kojima y Guillermo del Toro nació P.T., que nos llegó por sorpresa y nos sorprendió con su fidelidad visual, sus misterios ocultos y su capacidad para hacernos sentir verdadero terror. Ambientado en un único pasillo, P.T. nos fuerza a revivir la experiencia de […]

‘Diablo III: Eternal Collection’ First Impressions – Excellent Port of a Game That Is Perfect for Switch

When Diablo III made the jump to PS3 and 360, most people were skeptical about the visuals and the controls. Thankfully, Blizzard nailed the controls with various tweaks to make the game that was built for keyboard and mouse work great on a gamepad. The game eventually became quite the couch co-op phenomenon on consoles […]


MEJORES OFERTAS DE HALLOWEEN EN STEAM Halloween ya esta aquí y Steam lo sabe, es por eso que a partir del día de hoy 29 de octubre y hasta el próximo 1 de noviembre muchos títulos de esta tienda digital gozan de grandes descuentos que van desde el 10% hasta el 95% y que si bien […]

‘Stardew Valley’ Update Fixes an iPhone XR Resolution Issue, Improves Fishing, and More

Stardew Valley ($7.99) is one of the best games out there on any platform. I was pretty surprised and excited to see it come to iOS and the port is pretty great. We’ve covered it a ton already and you can read Eli’s impressions and his full review for it. It has been updated quite […]

Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: Trigger Heroes, Legend: Rising Empire, Knights & Dungeons, Old School RuneScape and Tons More

It’s another Wednesday of iOS game releases and today’s made up holiday is … WAIT A MINUTE IT’S HALLOWEEN! We’re in for a SPOOKY day of game releases filled with tricks, treats, and the skeleton dance. What’s the skeleton dance? Well, a million years ago when Carter was still writing for us he asked if […]

Phenomenal Card-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘Card Crawl’ Free for Today Only

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three and a half years since the release of Card Crawl, the game that put developer TinyTouchTales aka Arnold Rauers on the map. The breaking down of the mechanics of a dungeon crawling game and then building them into a solitaire-style card game was nothing short of genius, […]

‘Pocket City’ Updated With Larger Map Options, iPhone XS Improvements, a New Structure, and More

Pocket City ($4.99) is a game we’ve covered multiple times and one that I’ve been super excited to play. When it finally released, I got addicted to it. It has satisfied my Cities: Skylines itch on iOS for a while now. It has been getting fixes and updates on a regular basis since launch optimising […]

The Garbage Pail Kids are Getting a Mobile Game

On its surface, this story isn’t that interesting as if I had a dollar for every time we heard that some obscure IP you probably don’t remember is getting a mobile tie-in we wouldn’t need Patreon. However, the Garbage Pail Kids is one hell of an IP, and defined a large part of the childhood […]